Spanish Mustangs

Welcome to the Cayuse Ranch

Cayuse Ranch

We work to preserve the little horse that evolved from those that came over the ocean with the Conquistadors and became the cow pony, the Indian pony, the Spanish Mustang. This is where all the bloodlines are and where it all began.

Come see range bred horses, naturally raised. This breed is a doing horse and can be used for most anything. Endurance, rodeo, eventing, dressage, camping, packing, cow work, trail rides; they will do it all. This is a strong, tough, durable little horse, full of brains, courage, personality and the will to live. We breed foundation bloodlines in a natural range setting. Come by and see the real thing.

You are welcome to visit these wonderful horses at the Cayuse. We are located in northeastern Wyoming our family ranch. We always have horses for sale. Feel free to contact us about coming out and taking a look. The coffee is always on.

The Brislawn Family
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